Handwoven Fabric

Handwoven  Fabric
My work can be found at the following locations..... ("Pittsburgh Center for the Arts",..6300 Fifth Ave Pgh Pa 15213... 412 361 0873 shop) ... .Patricia Boutique 326 Bigham St ( entrance to Chatham VIllage) Mt Washington Pgh Pa 15211... The Artsmiths of Pittsburgh 1635 Mc Farland Road Pittsburgh , Pa 15216 (Mt Lebanon) ArtsmithsPGH.com

Sunday, April 20, 2014


           Connected at the Roots....An exhibition of African American artist......Roots ...the beginning of                                     our connection.

As African Americans we are connected by our roots...they provided the commonality that will grow us from generation to generation. Our roots give life to the blood running through our veins linking our  similar experiences and binding us as a community of people. Our lives are like that of a tree which is symbolic of stregnth , longevity and endurance. Our strong roots ground us , stabilizing,s trengthening and nurturing from one generation to another Comparably our shared experiences have branched out from the base and have carried on our culture and traditions . This exhibition will give artist the opportunity to tell their stories of how their roots have given meaning to their lives.

I hope you enjoy this series as much as I have .....

"Sweet Potatoes Dont Grow On Trees"

       Sweet Potatoes Dont Grow on Trees ..Detail 

Rooted by Blood , The Journey of Ono and Hattie Bell

             Rooted by Blood……The Journey of Ono and Hattie Bell

The name ONO means to open and that is exactly what Ono Kemp did when he traveled from Virginia to Reising Hollow in Cecil Pa He made this journey in the early 1900.s in an effort to make a better life for himself and his only son, Arthur. By doing this he opened the passage for our blood line After arriving in Pittsburgh he met and married Hattie Bell Perkins who had made her way to Reising from Virginia earlier with her 4 children from a previous marriage. Their union resulted in 10 more children being born….. my Grandma Ethel, and great aunts and uncles.

This piece of artwork is the result of stealing a beautiful family reunion photograph out of my fathers dresser thirty two years ago when I was 16 years old. I loved to look at the picture of my father as a young boy but I didn’t really recongnize any of the others, I just knew we were connected by blood. This exhibit has taken me on a journey of my own to discover my roots and how we came to rest in Reising Hollow. 

                                                       Handwoven Quilted Tree 

                                                                        Close up

                                                                 Small Tree Series #2

                                      Winchester Thurston Tree in the making 
                                   Felted Flowers and vines , wrapped tree limbs

                                                         Childrens Hospital Tree 
                                                                 Pittsburgh Pa 
There is a prayer in the base of every flower by the children at Abraxas and the Homewood YWCA for the patients at Childrens Hospital 

"The Elder Tree"

The Elder Tree ..Detail

Black Moss/ Hainted Trees

Black Moss Hainted Trees ....Detail

The Offering Tree

The Offering Tree...Detail 

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Table Magazine

Piece submitted for "Table" magazine, spring issue2012, the size is right to be used as a table runner or a scarf!!!